New pots from ian baillie

I was at a workshop in belfast last weekend with ian baillie.i picked up some new pots from ian.first up is this juniper.ian actually owned this tree for many years and was happy with the direction  the tree was going.
Next was a black pine in a aubergine colored pot.
This is a potentilla in a lovely blue glazed pot.the flowers are white and should go well with the pot.
Close up of the glaze.
Chinese elm in its new pot.should be nice when the tree fills out a bit.i had a great time in belfast a big thanks to the club for hosting it.

Ian baillie weekend in belfast

I am heading to belfast this weekend for a workshop with the brilliant potter ian baillie.i have a couple of his pots and am looking forward to getting some more.
This is the tree i am bringing up with me.its a chinese juniper.i think its in a ian baillie pot,he can tell me when he sees it.the tree was worked on last february at a workshop in my place.
I dewired the tree and cleaned up the dead wood and live vein and added some more dead wood.the tree needs to be fine wired.
I will ask ian his thoughts on a new pot for this tree.should be a good weekend in belfast.i will post my results,thanks.