2016 Junipers

Backcountry Bonsai


The juniper page is updated with 15 new Rocky Mountain Junipers! Here are some photo’s, but you’ll need to visit the website to see everything. http://www.backcountrybonsai.com/juniper/

Enjoy! All are junipers with great bonsai potential, and several are world class trees.

More trees will be added soon. The Ponderosa page will be the largest, but we’ll be adding spruce, fir and Limber pines as well.









Make sure you visit the website to see full 360 pic’s of each tree! 🙂

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2016 Teaser!

Backcountry Bonsai

Sale22016 050A

It’s finally almost time! The trees are all out of their winter beds and we’ve been photographing them. I’m prepping all of the photo’s now and plan to have new trees on the website this weekend! But I thought I’d release a few photo’s now to hopefully appease you momentarily and to get everyone excited… 😉

Last year quite a few trees sold before ever making the website from people visiting and nurseries buying in bulk; this year will be different. Expect to see a lot more trees available! 🙂

Sale22016 139A

Sale2016 418A

Sale2016 503A

You all seemed to like the blue door…. so we’re using it for some of the trees this year. Hope you enjoy, and keep an eye out for trees this weekend!


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Trident maple

This is my trident maple.i got this trident from rui ferreira in portugal.
The tree was due a repot and a new pot.the pot it came in was ok but i thought we could do something better.i purchased a japanese pot from philip donnelly of belfast bonsai.he is our go to man for trees pots and everything you would need for bonsai here in ireland.
The roots were in great condition
In its new pot 
This is the tree today after a water.the accent is a grass in a magic ceramics pot.he is a new potter in ireland and is turning out some great stuff.

Cymru the chinese elm

It came from a bonsai nursery called Y Goeden Fach meaning the little tree
It got a new pot last year and a restyle after years of doing really nothing but just keeping the shape


This is when it got repotted at a munster bonsai workshop


This is the original pot it came in

Jim doyle natures way bonsai comes to ireland

we had the pleasure of having jim doyle of natures way bonsai from harrisburg in pennsylvania usa.he was visiting ireland with his partner libby and we were lucky enough to have a workshop with him.he gave us great tips and the day was excellent,one i wont forget.ian and phil made the journey down from belfast to support the workshop and a big thanks to them.before we worked on our trees jim went true how he collects trees in america and the after care.we lisitened to eric clapton on jims laptop while we worked,pretty cool.

some pics of the day




Jim Doyle Workshop

Bonsai Eejit

Better late than never!

I had the pleasure of attending a workshop with Jim Doyle organised by the Munster Bonsai Club back on the 23rd April.

Jim was visiting Ireland and the guys got a rare opportunity to to work with one of America’s premier bonsai artists. Jim began with a presentation about yamadori and collecting in the States. Some interesting stories shared and proves that if you want the best yamadori you have to go to great lengths to get it.

13077051_621985071298765_1475726990599055403_n - Copy

Jim then did a run through of the trees that were to be the focus of the workshop followed by some work Photos below capture the day.

13012650_621985471298725_6320161890233642772_n13015179_621985134632092_1249941541699534854_n13062004_621985191298753_4594475856388693593_n - Copy (2)13062005_621985291298743_3942127150890519804_n13062902_10209196303849038_3163742199498471168_o - Copy (2)13076998_621985401298732_489327736204667689_n - Copy (2)DSC_0293DSC_0305DSC_0315DSC_0320DSC_0337

We finished off with a great meal in a local pub finishing in the wee hours 🙂


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