A great weekend with Bjorn

I had the pleasure of doing a workshop with Bjorn Bjorholm last weekend here are some pictures from the weekend.



This is my Potenilla when I collected it at the start of 2014.
In it’s new pot I got from Ian Baillie in February of this year.
I love the colors that are in the pot.
The flowers are white.
It’s developing nicely and should make a nice bonsai in time,thanks for looking.

And if there’s ONE tree you must see at Fota…

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Celebrating National Tree Week, March 5th – 12th. Part 5

Cryptomeria japonica ‘Spiralis’, Japan. 1852

If there’s one tree you must see at FOTA it’s rhe Cryptomeria  japonica ‘Spiralis’. This striking evergreen rises in clumps of bright green cloud-like clusters, building on top of each other.  Not surprisingly it’s the national tree of Japan, where it is regularly planted at temples and shrines. Here in Fota, there’s a well-worn path to a low gap at the base of the tree. If you crouch down and enter you can look up at a cathedral-like canopy and admire the rich, red, fragrant bark. Due to its tight, spiraling needles, it has the rather irreverent nickname of ‘granny’s ringlets’. 

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