Satsuki azalea in flower

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This is my satsuki azalea.i have just over two years.i got it from ian young.this is the earliest picture i could find of the tree.
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ian got the health back in the tree.satsuki need a lot of water and fertilizer.
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Foliage mass was building
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Satsuki in flower
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It has four different colours of flowers
This year in my place just starting to flower
More flowers!




This is today nearly at its peek.

A Photo Journal of Bonsai Repotting


I would say the most important task in bonsai is root development, rune pruning, or repotting.  The trees energy is supported by the roots.  A bonsai must have healthy fine roots to become a good bonsai which will lead to a healthy tree and eventually withstand the other training that follows to create a good bonsai.  I was lucky enough to learn a systematic method of repotting from Boon Manakitivipart when I took his intensive class.   Boon is very methodical and meticulous about how he did everything and it shows on his trees.  I will do my best to walk you through what I do following what I best remember from that intensive class.  I’m doing this on one of my largest trees the Viburnum which I’ve written a few times here.   The method will be similar to smaller trees except the soil particles may need to vary.  Of course the timing…

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White pine

This is my white pine.i bought this pine about two years ago true philip donnelly of belfast bonsai
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This is a older picture of the tree that i got of ian youngs site.
This is the tree today.its in a walsall ceramics pot.i would love to have some older shots of this tree,maybe bonsai eejit might have some.thanks for looking.