White thorn

This my collected whitethorn.i have the tree a few years and i recently potted it up.it has been cut back in the winter and is now showing signs of life.

potted up.this tree has a long way to go
green shoots
The other side.no front picked yet

white pine

This my japanese white pine.i have the tree about two years and in that time i have rewired the tree and potted it up into a ian baillie pot from scotland.before me the tree was owned by the late sharon green.she was a wonderful bonsai artist and had some amazing trees.i had a few issues with wood rot on the lower grafted black part but sorted now thanks to wood hardener.here is a few pics.any comments or ideas i would be grateful.

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The late sharon working on the tree
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Dead wood

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At a workshop
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Philip and ray laughing at my tree
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The master 
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The students

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Finished fine wiring
Rookie mistake no moss
New ian baillie pot
Moss added at belfast show
In my tunnel this morning
You can see a hole at the base where the rot was.thanks for looking

Bonsai In Bunratty

New bonsai experience starting tomorrow in west of Ireland

Bonsai Eejit

If you are out on the West coast of Ireland and feeling isolated from all things bonsai, then maybe it’s worth making a trip to Bud Garden Centre in Bunratty. Ray, a member of Munster Bonsai Club is starting up regular sessions at the garden centre in an effort to promote bonsai and give a focal point for bonsai in the west. If you read this and are interested, please give him a shout via the number or email listed on the flyer below. Well done Ray for pushing on with bonsai in the West.

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This is a juniper i got on holidays when i o was in portugal about a year and a half ago.i googled bonsai nurseries while i was there and it came up with jardim de bonsai which was run by rui ferreira.it took me two taxies and a bus to get there but it was worth it.rui was having a 50% sale so i couldnt resist.i bought this juniper and a trident maple.i emptied out my suitcase and brought the trees home with me.

i had to dewire and add new copper wire,also a new jin was added.
the pot is by miguel neto from portugal
this is the tree now.the plan is and compact the foliage down and increase the white wood a bit