Grand Tour of Ireland Day 2

Ian young one to one at my place.

Bonsai Eejit

That’s day 2 done and dusted. A great day with Mark in Cork. A real mixed bag of trees worked on today nudging them in the right direction. Fair play to Mark, his collection gets better every time I see it with new exciting projects lined up.

Onward now to Millstreet….

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And if there’s ONE tree you must see at Fota…

Fota Frameyard Blog

Celebrating National Tree Week, March 5th – 12th. Part 5

Cryptomeria japonica ‘Spiralis’, Japan. 1852

If there’s one tree you must see at FOTA it’s rhe Cryptomeria  japonica ‘Spiralis’. This striking evergreen rises in clumps of bright green cloud-like clusters, building on top of each other.  Not surprisingly it’s the national tree of Japan, where it is regularly planted at temples and shrines. Here in Fota, there’s a well-worn path to a low gap at the base of the tree. If you crouch down and enter you can look up at a cathedral-like canopy and admire the rich, red, fragrant bark. Due to its tight, spiraling needles, it has the rather irreverent nickname of ‘granny’s ringlets’. 

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A Tale of 2 Trees or a Tree of 2 Halves?

One of our local gardens here in cork Ireland.

Fota Frameyard Blog

Celebrating National Tree Week, March 5th – 12th. Part 4

단풍나무   Danpung na mu   Acer palmatum

This  Acer palmatum “Koreanum”, from Korea (planted 1937), seems to be at odds with itself, each half of the tree growing in the opposite direction. The smooth bare trunks look like limbs reaching away from each other. In one way it looks like a giant bonsai tree and one can see why Acer is a popular choice for these Japanese miniatures. 

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New pots from ian baillie

I was at a workshop in belfast last weekend with ian baillie.i picked up some new pots from ian.first up is this juniper.ian actually owned this tree for many years and was happy with the direction  the tree was going.
Next was a black pine in a aubergine colored pot.
This is a potentilla in a lovely blue glazed pot.the flowers are white and should go well with the pot.
Close up of the glaze.
Chinese elm in its new pot.should be nice when the tree fills out a bit.i had a great time in belfast a big thanks to the club for hosting it.

Ian baillie weekend in belfast

I am heading to belfast this weekend for a workshop with the brilliant potter ian baillie.i have a couple of his pots and am looking forward to getting some more.
This is the tree i am bringing up with me.its a chinese juniper.i think its in a ian baillie pot,he can tell me when he sees it.the tree was worked on last february at a workshop in my place.
I dewired the tree and cleaned up the dead wood and live vein and added some more dead wood.the tree needs to be fine wired.
I will ask ian his thoughts on a new pot for this tree.should be a good weekend in belfast.i will post my results,thanks.

winter workshop december ’16

Sally's Bridge Bonsai

Last weekend Mark hosted a Munster Bonsai Club workshop with Ian Young and Phil Donnelly. I could only take part on the Saturday although the lads kept things rolling on Sunday.

More from Mark’s blog here;

dscn9658 Introductions

dscn9659 Trees lined up for attention

dscn9660 Phil checking the roots of Ger’s JWP, a tree he purchased several years ago in Dublin

dscn9662 Initially the talk was of reducing the crown…

dscn9668 Then, the possibility of removing much more…

dscn9669 my larch clump, collected about a year previously

dscn9670 Dermot’s nice juniper

dscn9673 Mark had some homework done…

dscn9674 better view of Dermot’s juniper

dscn9677 great minds think alike… Piotr’s clump larch

dscn9682 Mark’s pine was already well developed

dscn9683 more discussions

dscn9684 more options discussed

dscn9690 down to work

dscn9691 work continues

dscn9692 hungry work

dscn9694 you missed a bit

dscn9696 larch after some jinning and pruning

dscn9697 I can’t believe you let him cut so much off !

dscn9698 my homework is some wiring to bring down the…

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A great december workshop

Some pictures of our last workshop of the year with ian and phil.
Some nice material,this larch group from ray.
Piotr hiding behind his larch group.two nice groups at the start of their bonsai journey.
Ray sleeping.
Nice itoigawa juniper.dermot is new to the club and he brought along this tree…great start.
Teacher and pupil.
First styling.
Gers white pine,another new member.
Much better,sorry about the pic.
Chop chop chop.
My scots pine after a bit of big branch was jinned.
Pots for sale.
Nice root over rock trident maple for sale.
My trees up next.this is my potentilla after its first styling.
Scots pine rewiring and a bit of shaping.
Another scots pine shaping.
Last of my four trees reworked.this is a chinese juniper.thanks again to ian and phil for a great weekend.

My workshop trees

Munster bonsai holds its last workshop of the year on the 10th and 11th of december.this is a scots pine that i got from kaizen is due a rewire and a bit of a shape.i have some wire put already.
This is a potentilla that i collected about two years ago.the flowers are white.this will be its first shaping.
It has a fairly large trunk for a potentilla.i will post pics when they are finished,cheers